c'est la vie
Wake me up when September ends.

As my memory rests

But never forgets what I lost

Wake me up when September ends (x)

"It’s a dead body in damn box!" He screams, cause he can’t handle it anymore. "A dead body! It won’t change anything if I go or not! He won’t come back!!" he screams again, the people that are trying to drag him to the damn funeral just stare at him in shock, not really knowing what to say. "He is fucking dead and no matter how many people go to that damn elegant shitty funeral, he won’t come back!" he feels his eyes tickling and he rubs them roughly cause he doesn’t want more tears, he doesn’t want more pain.  "Why don’t you get that and just…Leave me alone?" 

Mason finally looks at the six persons in his living room. Astrid, Mia, Art, Tomlin, Ozzy, Louis and Jess, the pain in his eyes  is so obvious that they look away. To their feet, to the walls, everywhere but Mason cause the pain in his eyes, the loneliness that they reflect, is just to much. And the silent becomes awkward, uncomfortable, no one knows what to say, no one dares to move. 

"You can do whatever you want but I won’t go, I can’t go” he looks away from the tiny group and walks towards his room, holding tightly the ring that Ozzy gave him just a couple of night ago. No one really understand how much everything hurts right now, even the simple things make him remember him and he can’t help the physical and emotional pain that all those memories bring. But how can you explain that the simple idea of French toast for breakfast makes you want to cry your heart out? With a deep sigh, the divinations professor closes the door and sits on the floor, he can’t even sleep in his bed anymore so he just lays on the ground and closes his eyes. “Please, please, let me wake up” he murmurs to himself. “I’m so tired of this nightmare…”  Slowly, the man falls asleep, cause is only in his dreams where he is happy again, cause only in his dreams he sees him again.

"You took your time old man, I though you had a heart attack or something"

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